Our Sister's Sorrow Event Synopsis

I wanted to let you know more about what actually happened at this event and to introduce you to our special guests who were able to contribute to our Forum Program. In addition to giving support to the Center for Women and Children in Crisis, we wanted to really learn more about what women’s issues affect us locally. We invited some wonderful people who are involved in these issues and who work so hard to make our community a better place to speak about their areas of expertise.

We were so excited to have Jennifer Blosil come and share some of her music with us. Jenn has a powerful voice and music that touches everyone who hears it with her soul and genuine nature. She sang about true beauty that comes from within and she played a gorgeous rendition of 'I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day' which shares a story of grief and overcoming.

We heard from Niwako Yamawaki, Associate Professor of Psychology. Her research specializes in understanding how sexism and gender roles affect the perception of violence against women. She shared some startling statistics and the psychology of women who suffer in domestic violence situations. We were glad to hear the truth of these circumstances that occur in our community and to understand that these situations are complex and difficult but they are real.

Rachelle Call has been a part of the Center for Women and Children in Crisis and she told her inspirational story of how she turned her struggles in an abusive relationship into something positive. She has rebuilt her life and become a prominent musician in the local community. We were honored to have her share her story and music with us.

Sariah Collard represented the Center for Women and Children in Crisis as our final speaker. She works as a member of the Rape Crisis Team and as the Sexual Assault Outreach Coordinator. She will discussed some of the services that CWCIC offers and she shared about the joy it is to see people heal from their pain.

Zane Harker performed the music that he has composed specifically for this event. His music is inspired by the themes found in the Book of Job from the Bible of struggle and redemption. His contemporary compositions poignantly struck on the tones that encompass the overall topic of discussing issues of how personal strife is often misunderstood and dismissed by the community at large.

Before and after the forum there will be some time to walk around the exhibition of art that explores the same themes in the form of narrative paintings depicting the story of Job with a female character. These pieces have been created by Normandie Luscher with the specific ideas in mind of the personal journey of trial and triumph. Each of the paintings will be available for purchase as will prints of each of the paintings. All proceeds will be donated to the Center for Women and Children in Crisis.

We are so grateful for the people who came to support and participate in this cause for women's issues in our community. We hope that the event had an impact not only monetarily but emotionally. We hope that we all can be moved to help lift our sister's sorrow.

The prints and paintings are still for sale with partial proceeds benefiting the Center for Women and Children in Crisis until January 12th. The paintings are currently being exhibited at Brigham Young University in the Harris Fine Arts Center Gallery 303 foyer. Any purchased paintings can be  picked up/delivered after January 12th.

Prints and paintings can be purchased at my etsy shop: