A Slew of Summer Work

I was so lucky to be able to work with some very talented people this summer. I just can’t convey how thankful I am to have had the opportunities to learn from Jensine Eckwall, Lily Padula, Daniel Fishel and David Johnson. These people are amazing! I just love the Illustration community.

I came back to Utah and have been pummeled with super super senior responsibilities, but I have had a chance to fix up these pieces from my mentorship experiences and I wanted to share these pieces.

While interning with Richard Solomon I was able to work with one of the artists that he represents. The artist, David Johnson, mentored me on creating a small series of pieces for the Princess and the Pea. I wanted to give the story relevance so I placed it in a contemporary setting. It just makes sense to incorporate city architecture when you’re living in NYC! I still want to take some time to do some hand type. That will be one of my Winter break projects! 

Jensine and Lily were incredibly astute in creating assignments that really pushed me in my editorial work. They taught me about symbolism and various visual tools that helped me to understand where I was working successfully and where I still needed to make visual connections. The first assignment was a black and white spot illustration based on an article for the New York Times, the second was a larger color illustration to show the concept of making the best choice out of a myriad of options and the third was a book cover for ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

One of my personal projects this summer was my comic, ‘Fairy God Feminist’. Daniel Fishel was insistent that it was my best work, which I appreciate because, I agree! It’s also the most fun for me. I’m setting up a separate tumblr specifically for this project. Look for updates at http://fairygodfeminist.tumblr.com/